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KOT4X only accepts BTC for deposit and withdraw for the safety of you and the kingdom.

About Bitcoin

Fast and safe transactions, when sending BTC via wallet to wallet there is a very safe process it goes through. This provides safety for both the broker and you. Bitcoins make it possible for buyers to complete their payments without divulging any sensitive financial information (like credit or debit card details) to the seller. Thus, they enjoy a certain degree of financial anonymity that most credit cards fail to offer.

You own it, that is the most valuable thing about BTC. When you have cash in a separate file or holder they always have a way to freeze or get in the cash “you have” with BTC you own 100% of the value in your wallet.

The entire process of bitcoin transactions is peer to peer. There’s no involvement of a third party. No one can freeze, tax, or claim your coins. They cannot be stolen and cannot be seized by the government in no possible circumstances.



BTC Deposit

KOT4X accepts deposits by Bitcoin. Send any amount instantly without any trouble or hassle of dealing with banks, then simply transfer from your wallet to any of your trading accounts and start trading. Track your deposit on

BTC Withdraw

KOT4X can send your earnings straight to you via bitcoin, just request a withdraw in your back office and we will process it for you within 48 hours and you can track the progress of the transaction on