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Introducing TradeLocker – powered by TradingView™ and packed with advanced features for a more accurate trading experience.

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What is TradeLocker?

TradeLocker stands out as the trading platform for traders who demand evolution. Supercharge your trading experience with seamless integration, the agility of a high-performance trading platform, charting from TradingView™, deep liquidity and a customisable interface.

Stay informed about our upcoming features by checking out our detailed roadmap here

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Arm Yourself With the Ultimate Trading Tool

TradeLocker provides our traders with access to supreme tools such as charting from TradingView™ and one-click trading, without the need to download any software.

One-Click Trading

Trade without delay with easy one-click trading.

Advanced Technical Analysis

Effortless technical analysis with charting from TradingView™.

Trade Anywhere

Trade directly from your mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Superior Risk Features

Trade fearlessly with stop loss and take profit orders.

A Kingdom at your side

Trade with the utmost accuracy across all your favorite assets and experience the full power that TradeLocker has to offer.

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