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What is an Introducing Broker?

An “Introducing Broker” is a company or individual that establishes relationships with clients while presenting their business and then delegating the actual administrative work to a broker. In this case, that would be KOT4X, which is responsible for holding clients funds and providing the platform for trades execution, among other tasks. As such, the “Introducing Broker” is then given the freedom to focus solely on expanding his or her business.


What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is a company or individual who also establishes relationships with clients. Each affiliate is provided with their own specific affiliate link. This link connects any new KOT4X client to the affiliate once the client has used the link to sign up for a new account with us. Once a client has made a deposit and begun to actively trade within the KOT4X trading platform, the affiliate will then earn a commission on the all of the trading activity of said client. The larger the number of active referrals, the larger the amount of money that an affiliate will earn.

Partners Program

At KOT4X we are looking to share our commission’s with you. We have decided to share 28.6% of the commission we charge on every account that you refer to us. KOT4X highly values the business that you introduce to us and we will be proud to provide a higher percentage of the commission we charge for the more volume you bring us. We have cutting-edge tracking technology for our Introducing Brokers to help you keep up with your clients.

Email us at to see if you are a perfect fit for our Introducing Broker platform


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