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Terms & Conditions

Traders wishing to claim KOT4X’s 20% Deposit Bonus promotions should read the Terms and Conditions listed below before claiming this promotion:

Traders will have received a number of promotional emails in relation to this offer, these communications contain the deposit reward promotion ‘valid from’ and ‘valid to’ dates.

New and current KOT4X traders who are in possession of a live trading account can benefit from this promotion.

This reward can be redeemed by eligible KOT4X trader on deposits that have not been utilized for the purposes of another reward, promotion or campaign.

Every eligible KOT4X trader can benefit from this promotion only for one  account.

Traders will benefit from a deposit bonus of 20% with a ceiling of $€£ 5000 per trader.

This bonus shall be transferred in the form of credit directly to the  accounts of participating KOT4X traders. Subsequently, this credit will be released once a trader completes a minimum level of trading.

To transfer a credit amount into the trading balance, KOT4X traders need to trade at least 1 standard lot per each $€£5 of the deposit bonus collected.

In the eventuality that any balance is extracted before the number of lots has been achieved any residual reward amounts will be removed from the trader’s credit.

In the eventuality that the equity in the account is less than or equal to the credit amount, all credit will be removed from the account in question, which could result in trades being stopped out.

In scenarios where the required number of lots has not been attained, KOT4X traders will be able to request a withdrawal of trading profits only if the account balance and the available margin are higher than or equal to the global deposit and reward amounts.

This promotion is only applicable in relation to the trading of forex pairs, metals, and cryptos. All other Instruments are excluded.

Eligible KOT4X traders will be able to withdraw any part of the bonus only if the deposit bonus has been traded in its entirety.

In the eventuality that the minimum necessary number of lots has not been attained and a stop-out is experienced, all remaining credit amounts will be removed from the account in question.

KOT4X retains the right to change these terms or terminate this promotion without prior notice.

KOT4X reserves the right to terminate participation in this promotion in scenarios where misuse or abuse are suspected.

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