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What is the Funded Account Challenge?

Modified on: 21st November 2023

The Funded Account Challenge is a new opportunity to test your trading prowess and test your knowledge for the chance of winning a Fully Funded Trading Account fit for a king! Prove your skills to be in the chance of earning increased profits with zero risk of losing your personal funds!

Traders who want to participate in the challenge simply need to pay an admission fee and pass the first two phases.

If the necessary conditions are met, the trader will receive access to a Fully Funded Account. Traders will receive 80% of the profits (with the possibility of a raise!)  generated from this account, and all losses will be covered from the account’s capital, not your personal funds!

 If you are successful, the value of the Funded Account will be the same as the account size you select when applying for the challenge ($50k, $100k, or $200k).

 For more information on how to get started, click/tap here.


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