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How to Navigate the Funded Account Challenge Dashboard

Modified on: 21st November 2023

The Funded Account Dashboard was created to make navigating the challenge and tracking your progress a breeze.

Below you will find an explanation of each section:

Dashboard Section:

This is the front page of your Funded Account Challenge platform. Here you will see:

  • Your credentials and challenge details.
  • The Account’s balance and challenge progress.
  • A history of all active and previous challenges.

Competitions Section:

Any ongoing competitions that we may launch will be listed under the competitions category. You may browse historical and current contests, as well as check the rules for any current tournaments.

Platform Download Section:

Navigate to this section to see what Trading Platforms we offer.

Affiliates Section:

All affiliate data, including referrals, commissions, and payments, will be saved here. You will also be able to access your affiliate link and change your Bitcoin payout address.

My Profile section:

This section allows you to view and amend any personal details, as well as change your Funded Account portal password.

In the Billing section, you can find all the information regarding purchased funded accounts.

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