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KOT4X PAMM Accounts

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Whether you want to capitalize on your trading expertise or you want to grow your investment by a trustworthy money manager, KOT4X PAMM Accounts make it possible!

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How PAMM Accounts Work

Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) allows expert traders (Managers) to place trades on behalf of PAMM investors by depositing funds into a pool. A transparent solution for traders interested in sharing their trading knowledge; and investors who want to participate in the markets hassle-free.

KOT4x PAMM Accounts

Who Uses PAMM Accounts?

KOT4x Investment Manager

Money Manager

Monetize your risk management competence and trading skills while helping investors profit through a platform that lets you take total control of the investment funds.

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Build your wealth with minimal involvement by depositing funds into our PAMM Accounts program where your portfolio will be managed smartly.

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KOT4X provides a bespoke platform that links investors and money managers, allowing both parties to gain from transparent and effective management of funds. 

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